How to Setup ZPanel in CentOS 6/7?

ZPanel is an open source web hosting control panel for Windows and Linux servers. It uses several free software packages and is written in PHP to provide a secure web hosting system. The installed packages in ZPanel have the latest web-server technology like Apache, MySQL, PHP 5.3.10 and also include PHPMyAdmin which is useful for dealing with the MySQL databases.

Install ZPanel 10.1.0 to CentOS 64bit:

1) Create an Instance (CentOS)

yum -y update

yum -y remove qpid-cpp-client  


2) Log on to your server as root user:

sudo -i

3) Ensure you are in your home directory:


4) Download the installer

wget -O

If wget error occurs, install wget:  yum install wget then redo wget and continue with the install.

5) Make the installer executable

chmod +x

6) Install pre-required packages

yum install curl

7) Run the installer


8) Follow the on-screen instructions during the installation.

9) Return to user lever


10) If installation is done successfully you will get the following messages:

MySQL Root Password    : ***************

# MySQL Postfix Password :***************

# ZPanelX Username       : zadmin           

# ZPanelX Password       : ***************

11) Enter the FQDN of the server (example:

12) For changing the password of zpanel

setzadmin –set new-password