How to fix MySQL error 1031 – Table storage engine for ‘catalog_product_relation’ doesn’t have this option?


Removing ROW_FORMAT=FIXED option from CREATE TABLE DDL will fix the issue. So let’s try possible solutions.


sed -i 's/ROW_FORMAT=FIXED//g' magento-db-dump.sql

This didn’t work for me in MacOSx which resulted in the following error:

sed: 1: “magento-db-dump.sql”: invalid command code m


sed -i '' 's/ROW_FORMAT=FIXED//g' magento-db-dump.sql

And even this resulted as:

sed: RE error: illegal byte sequence

#3 But this one worked for me in MacOSx

LC_ALL=C sed -i '' 's/ROW_FORMAT=FIXED//g' magento-db-dump.sql