MS Office 365

How to Whitelist a Domain on Office 365

  • Open the Office 365 Exchange Admin Center, and then log in with your administrator username and password.
  • Click the “Admin” option on the top menu bar, and then click “Exchange.”
  • Click the “Mail Flow” link in the left navigation panel. The Rules screen opens.
  • Click the “+ Bypass Spam Filtering” to open the New Rule dialog box for bypassing the spam filter.
  • Type a name for the rule in the Name field. Use a descriptive name, such as Spam Whitelist.
  • Click the “Apply This Rule If” drop-down box, and then click “The Sender’s Domain Is” from the drop-down list.
  • Click the “Domain Is” link to open the Specify Domain dialog box, and then click the “+” to add the domain to the whitelist.
  • Type the domain name to whitelist in the Specify Domain field, and then click “OK.” The rule is created and saved in the Rules screen. The specified domain is now configured to bypass the spam filter

0 – not spam

9 – is spam